Patrick Wind Course

Adsaccelerator Course by Patrick Wind

This man is actually the CEO of Patrick Wind has numerous capacitating strategies, tools, and intensive online support to thousands of people that are involved with businesses and want to grow them up with advanced advertisements in platforms like Facebook and Instagram respectively.
Failing is something that makes us want to quit anything but after 3 failures in a row, Wind understood that marketing is something deeper than just lure traffic into your website. It’s about quality and profitable ways to get customers interested in your products or services.
It’s about growing up as businessmen even if you are not too much experience. Learning is a must in this long way through digital marketing and e-commerce where Wind will be your guide to the success and knowledge for your own store.

Digital Panorama improvement with Patrick Wind

Wind has been nominated by the prestigious Forbes Magazine in their section called Forbes 30 under 30. His new marketing strategies and courses are approved to hookup a new audience. He works with persuasive, attractive content and advertisement design.
Wind’s motivation lead him to dominate and learn everything related to e-commerce and after his investment of 3 million euro in a lot of brands, almost 120 brands returned him a profit of 10,4 million euros on online sales for them.

He designed a marketing strategy that is being implemented by some international and famous brands like, ASICS, Bioderma, and DiamondSupplyCo. Also some of the more famous European startups like HolaLuz, 21Buttons, and Meller.
Patrick Wind implements his visionary thought of democratizing advanced abilities of KnowHow and Digital Marketing via
Sadly, in this technological era, these strategies and tools that are really advanced are just available to big enterprises, these companies are generally multinational enterprises. These enterprises get support directly from their managers of key accounts of Google and Facebook.
Unfortunately, smaller enterprises can enjoy this benefit of support, for this reason, they actually don’t count on any business guidance and suffers a marketing disadvantage.

What are the common mistakes on paid social media? Solutions?

Wind tells us that nowadays, some e-commerce sellers are just interacting with the wrong audience with the wrong message or intention, with static and boring advertisements, plus the incorrect format.
However, this is a personal opinion, because instead of configuring the retargeting funnel correctly they are just doing it in a static way playing advertisements playing dynamics ads of products and the worst part is that all of this is in the wrong format.
Wind recommends that people shouldn’t focus more on CPC (cost per click), not focusing on the CPM that generally increases and neither focusing on the relevancy score. These three KPI are the only things that people are used to focusing nowadays.
Some portals like Adweek have made some articles explaining that you should not focus on traffic costs but taking care of traffic quality and for this reason, it doesn’t matter if the service is the priciest or not if Down funnels remains stable or even upgrade.
Said that we have that the only three KPI what do we need to focus are: sales conversions, purchase value and a unique compliment for carts.
People start with the payment process just after buying  2 or 3 times, after it, their credit card is denied and then algorithm pixel counts 2 or 3 times. This is not good certainly.
But wind says in most of his courses that as advice is better to focus on the unique initial payments, on unique compliments to just take in count as one in this process. After that, focus on sales quantity and each value, on the volume and value for each sale.
Forget a bit about KPI of upper funnels which everybody focuses nowadays. We understand the traffic can be pricier but if you correctly convert them eventually the quality level is good and you won’t care about traffic cost.

Wind’s ideas for e-commerce.

Wind tries to spread a message of encouragement and success through his workshops and courses. This is directed to people that want to prospect, so we know that the real intention is to find people that want to get into this type of marketing.

In other words, he says that it is necessary to readjust properly actual strategies not only with boring advertisements throughout the day but implementing something like a sequence of interesting and visual pleasing advertisements by a redirecting sequential funnel.

To do all of this we start from day 1 to day 3, the user will be impacted by the dynamic advertising of a product. Imagine this, if the user hasn’t bought anything to that date, from day 4 to day 7 it will appear some product reviews, testimonials or even an influencer reviewing it.

It will show you a different message to not bore users in the following 14 or 30 days. The main idea is to be relevant, by telling you a story doing advertisements sequence and that definitively makes a big difference among any e-commerce enterprise.

Every online business needs a sales funnel because it is crucial to illustrate the ideal journey of perspectives that go through to convert it into customers. A small store can market its products to a thousand people but it is known that just a small percentage will turn into potential customers.

Optimizing your sales funnel goes parallels with Conversion rate optimization. Wind also explains that there are three ways to design a sales funnel to reach a maximum conversion rate:

Enhanced E-commerce model

This model lets you focus on new trends and general content that gives you enough information about individual products and some segments.


Metrics Oriented funnel

This consists of taking a look at your pages, checking its growth potential, check metric keys that will help you to see if you are close or far to your set goals and think of some other way to prevent any leak.

AIDA model

This model will help people to determine what is necessary to be done to get people interested in buying your products, know your products, wish your products, being interested in buying them, and finally buying your products.

What do we have to do with an e-commerce business to get the right partner?

Patrick Wind says that it depends a lot on the agency that should have the potential to understand and analyze its product and the audience. The most important part is to impulse the marketing area like Facebook and Instagram ads and to understand in the same way, what are the potential customer’s needing.

If you feel like your e-commerce agency doesn’t have the positive market reaction, if you don’t get the desired answer from that campaign, the following campaigns will end in failure.

According to Wind’s criterion, when is necessary to change the channel?

We need to understand that a channel is a way to transmit and advertise your products or services, a clear example of channel could be Youtube. In this platform we can watch advertisements while we are watching any video.

Patrick Wind assure us that basically everything will depend on the investment price, this means that if you are in the real estate business and you just invested 5 million dollars and you sell properties by 1 million, the investment doesn’t matter. But if you sell sunglasses for 30k dollars and you have invested 5 million dollars and your advertisement income returns are lower than 1 you are losing a lot of money.

So in this case you must think on the acquisition process. You need to reconsider if you are really in an environment of push marketing or if you are in a pull marketing where you can’t create demand, where you just prefer to be in customers place and travel where someone is really looking.

If results are very bad, first, you need to ask yourself if you are in an environment of marketing pull or push. In second place, you need to refine the offer because that is usually the problem. People don’t obtain less than 1 or 2 of the 4p, being these; Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Even so, if it just address the promotion though it decided to ask yourself again if you are in a marketing push or pull. If the product doesn’t work, you sell it three times pricier than your competitors and your website takes more than 30 seconds to load it is probably that the problem is elsewhere.

This is what generally Wind suggests in their courses. He also wants to enter into a more detailed analysis with some questions like: Is your creativity correctly configured? Are your copies optimized? And the most important, is your audience the right one for your product?